Singing with this group is so refreshing, and the music’s so much better than singing in the shower!”  ~ Peter Field

 have always believed that we each need to find what gives us joy, and then follow the path that leads to it. Joyous uplifting singing, as part of a choir, where everyone is included unconditionally, does exactly that for me.”  ~ Bina Chandy

“No matter how tired I am, I always feel revitalized by the Open Door Community Singers. To sing with such a large group of people, particularly such a fabulous group of men singers, is a wonderful experience. It makes me feel good inside and I ‘float’ home!”  ~ Jan Coops

“I’ve enjoyed singing since my time in the church choir at school in Singapore. Although my voice isn’t fantastic, I find singing in a choir very uplifting, putting me in a happy mood.  When I get home after the choir I am still singing away and feel very light-hearted and happy. Shaun is very enthusiastic and this is infectious. We all sing with gusto and the camaraderie is warm and wonderful. If you like singing, do come and join this happy group. You’ll also get to enjoy the men singing.”  ~ Anna Sim

“Monday nights have moved to a whole new level since I joined Open Door Singers in mid 2013. No more boring TV repeats or dozy evenings recovering from work stress and Monday-itis. Open Door Singers’ rehearsals are no place to be bored or dozy! Under Shaun’s enthusiastic direction, voices are raised in a way we could never achieve in the shower! (Not without alienating our neighbours, that is….)  Open Door Singers has become a fun and healthy start to my week.”  ~ Mary-Ann Leithof

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