If you want a healthy heart, sing in a choir. Choir singing turns a heavy heart into a happy one. Just magic!”  ~ Ulla Jones

“No matter what mood I’m in, Monday night at Open Door Community Singers leaves me with a smile and a warm feeling of well-being. The bonus is, neuroscientists say, singing with others is good for my brain. What a bargain!”   ~ John Hillel

“Open Door Community Singers is exciting, and a wonderful choir to be part of. I love the fun, laughter and friendship, and the opportunity to improve my singing under the dynamic and inspiring leadership of our brilliant conductor, Shaun Islip.”  ~ David Ashton

“This is the epitaph of British actor, Sir Lawrence Olivier: ‘Song is the breaking free of the soul, the impetuous headlong expression of the joys of life.’  And we experience that every Monday night!”  ~ Willy Geradts

I am always juggling lots of stuff on the personal front, much of it not straight forward or easy. Monday night choir always gives me a great endorphin hit. I love joining the choir for a wonderful night of singing with a warm and friendly group of like-minded people. Thanks Shaun, for your leadership in a night of joyful singing.”  ~ Leonie Leong