“I have been a member of the Gospel Choir since its inception in 2007, and I am still loving it!”

Apart from the sheer joy of singing, the choir has been important for me on three levels: first, the singing is a personal act of worship between me and God and a way of connecting with Him on a spiritual and emotional level; second, it is a corporate act of worship with the other members of the choir where we can blend together to offer a beautiful sound; and third, it has been a chance for me to sing with my children in their late teens, which I have cherished at a time when their interests are starting to move in different directions from just the family.
All of us have stressful lives and stressful responsibilities (paid or unpaid), and I have often walked into rehearsal tired out and worried about what has been happening at work or elsewhere. But I have never, ever failed to walk out of rehearsal other than on a high, having been lost in the magnificent harmonies and re-energised by switching off from the hassles and switching on to something much more beautiful.
The Gospel Choir is a very special part of my life.”  ~ Steve K.

“The blissful harmonies and melodies of our gospel songs are truly transporting.”  ~ Chrissi Hayward